July 20 – Global Solidarity Challenge


From July 23 – 28, I will be participating in VIDEA’s Global Solidarity Challenge, an annual fundraiser that aims to challenge participants to highlight how the inability to realize human rights impacts individuals. For my challenge this year, I am not going to use any transportation other than walking.Since arriving in Uganda, I have observed how the ability to access seemingly simple things like different modes of transportation, exemplifies unjust and unequal income levels, and is also a fault line that divides those who can more easily access and realize a variety of rights.


My walk from home (Mpumudde) to Arise and Shine (Jinja)

I have been inspired by VIDEA’s integrity and commitment to social justice and human rights. Over the past years, we have seen a global reduction in aid spending, a hesitancy to fund rights-based work, and an end to long-term/sustainable funding. Now, organizations compete to secure short-term project funding. Working in solidarity with organizations in the Global South to hold duty-bearers accountable for upholding rights is of paramount importance to create long-term sustainable change and yet funding for programming on human-rights, gender and environmental is scarce. In order to work in solidarity with organizations in sub-Saharan Africa, over a long period of time, and on topics that aren’t “sexy”,  VIDEA needs help from individual donors to continue their work.

If you are interested in following what I will be doing, check in next week for updates as I focus on the role that human movement plays in human rights. In the meantime, I am swallowing my embarrassment and asking for you to donate anything you can. To donate, click here to go to my Challenge page.


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