Sept 26 – Half Way


2 Thursdays ago I took my fairly worn out flip-flops to the cobbler to get fixed. They were pretty beaten up and the toe plug kept falling out, which is not surprising considering that they have escorted me on our 5km daily journey to work + trips around town for the past 3 months. I watched in amazement as the cobbler stitched and glued my shoes back together, giving them life again. Why is this not common practice back home? Why do we throw things away when one part of something breaks instead of trying to fix them? I know some will say that in Canada it’s more expensive to fix things than to buy new again…which is sad. I waste so many resources that I could fix and keep using if I put some effort into it. This is a practice that I would like to take home with me…one of the many things that we can do to develop ourselves.

3 months of wear and tear on my flip flops, 3 months of walking, 3 months of being in Jinja. It seems hard to believe. 2 weeks ago marked our mid-way point, which for me marks a shift in time. Travelling plays tricks on time – with a definite amount of time somewhere, there seems to always be either an abundance or scarcity of it. At first you are lost, then you’re adjusting, making friends, figuring work out, and then, before you know it, you’re coming home! The adjustment time seems to go oh….soo…slowly… while the end of your trip seems to meld multiple weeks down into days. It’s the same as what I experienced with summer holidays as a kid. Even when it felt like there was plenty of holiday time when school let out, by half way through in August I would lament that summer was almost over. I have yet to figure out how to deal with this flip in time when travelling and I’m curious to know if other people experience this too!


2 thoughts on “Sept 26 – Half Way

  1. I am just catching up Alli and simply all I can say is thank you; thank you sharing, thank you for expanding my thoughts, perspectives and feelings.
    Big hug.

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