Nov 29 – See you


One of my co-workers is taking tomorrow off – she told me, as she was leaving “see you in December!” How unbelievable! As I thought would happen, the past 3 months have flown by. Time has played its trick on me, and won. What I love about spending long periods of time in one place is not only that you get to scratch the surface a bit and learn about where you are, but you also get to establish routines and get to the point where you are just living your daily, regular life in a different place – you have the time to sit and chat with people, to explore relationships, and to become a (bit of a) ‘regular’ around town.

Most of my days start with an hour walk to work along a busy highway and cow trails. I stop for mandazi (kind of like a donut bun) from a young guy close to my home. I go to the Arise and Shine Babies Home to check in with the staff there, greet them (and the children), see how they are doing, or if there are any problems. Then I walk through a small market, pick up water, head to the Office and get some computer work done (writing policy, creating training documents, emails), and have meetings with either staff or volunteers. The staff at the office then eat a lunch of some combination of posho, rice, matooke, beans, ground nut sauce and cabbage together. We chat. At the end of the day, I usually walk the rest of the way into town to visit people or head to a cafe to work on the seemingly tireless stream of work. Go home, read, sleep, repeat.

However, while I describe my daily life and how routine it is (similar to back home when you work a steady 9am – 5pm job), I’ve been able to have some weekend adventures (that’s also the only time I seem to bring out the camera…and apparently only with my Fernie Brewing Co. shirt on – thank you Rita!). Here are some highlights from the past month:


Awkward shot at the equator with Jaxxen on our way to Western Uganda to head into the Gorilla Highlands near the Rwandan/DRC/Ugandan border.


Sadly sending Renate, one of AASU’s stellar volunteers off, onto her next adventure


Uganda vs. Congo Brazzaville football match in Kampala


Part of the herd of elephants that crossed the road right infront of us at Murchison National Park. There is currently oil exploration and drilling going on in/near the park – click here to read more.


Chelsea, with Ollie the Elephant backpack at Murchison Falls.


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